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Hypnosis is a profound state of focus and calm
where deeply rooted, unwanted behaviors (on the unconscious level) are revised and tailored to your specific goals. It is a collaborative process, conducted in a serene environment, where the client or group is always aware, safe and in control.

Deeply rooted in the subconscious mind is where the majority of our behavior and creativity is governed. In the background, the subconscious imperceptibly rules our lives (@ 88%), while the conscious portion of our mind (@12%), only thinks it is running the show; but it’s not!

First off, it is important for you to know that all human beings operate on something called the “Pain/Pleasure” principle. This means that we move towards pleasure and move away from pain. This sounds extremely logical, however, there’s one caveat. The subconscious mind views anything that it has experienced before (or is familiar), as pleasurable, EVEN if that condition, behavior or substance is unhealthy, unproductive and/or bad for you! The subconscious doesn’t care – it just wants to stay with what it knows. This is why all humans have difficulty making changes. Therapeutic hypnosis therefore moves the individual from a familiar, yet unhealthy, fearful or unproductive “state” TO a new, unfamiliar “state” which is much more productive, healthy and desirable. This new “state” quickly morphs into your NEW FAMILIAR TEMPLATE.

In order to effect permanent change, we must therefore work subconsciously. Hypnotherapy offers an effective and drug free choice for achieving your desired goals. The process of therapeutic hypnosis shortens the course for making changes and achieving lasting results.

The actual state of hypnosis FEELS like guided relaxation, however, it is much more powerful. When the physical body is relaxed, the conscious mind remains aware in twilight, day-dreamy sort of manner. In this twilight state, a skilled hypnotherapist gains access to your SUBCONSCIOUS MIND, where deeply rooted, unwanted behaviors and beliefs can be “re-scripted”. We collaborate to delete the negatives and install freshly baked positives. You end up being the architect and co-creator of your own outcome.

Hypnosis is conducted in a serene environment, where the client is always safe, aware and in control -- one may “exit” the hypnotic state at any time.

Complete confidentiality, privacy and strict adherence to the American Psychological Association’s ethical guidelines are steadfastly observed.

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