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Katy C.
> Sherman Oaks

Not only is Carrie one of the nicest people I've ever met, but she has helped me become a completely different person. In an effort to overcome my anxiety and depression, I've been to several therapists, some of whom were helpful, but none of whom can compare with Carrie. I've found her hypnotherapy and repetition technique to be most effective in enabling me conquer this.

Carrie relates to me not only as a therapist, but as a friend. When I need her help, she is always there. She listens to me carefully and truly understands my struggles. She never looks at her watch, allowing me to continue until we finish. Her technique delves into the depths of my emotion. Her intervention has helped me understand the source of my anxiety and how to address it. Since I started hypnotherapy with her in April 2013, I've become, as I said, a different person, and I feel I'm getting better with each passing day. Beyond how Carrie has helped as a person, she has improved my acting skills by connecting my emotions with the scene. She has experience as an actress and director, so she understands the work that goes into acting. This is a plus if you are in the business.

In sum, if you struggle with anxiety and depression and other therapists have been unable to help you, I hope you will give Carrie a try. I am completely confident she will be able to help you. In fact, I could not recommend her

JaSheika J.
Los Angeles, CA

I can't speak highly enough about Carrie.  She is professional, positive, warm, and extremely caring.  I sought her out because I was suffering from internal fear and doubt, and anxiety at work.   Carrie worked diligently with me, helping me overcome the obstacles that were holding me back. I truly have had a breakthrough thanks to her techniques and guidance. She takes time to get to know you as the patient, and tailors your session to suit your specific needs, leaving you with a CD afterwards so you can reinforce your treatment.  Carrie's patient and calming nature definitely helped me to feel safe in her presence and trust her wholeheartedly.  You couldn't find a better hypnotherapist than her!

Tracey S.
Sherman Oaks, CA

I wanted a hypnotherapist in Studio City and that's how I found Carrie. Her website is really professional, btw.   Basically, I was dealing with a lot of anxiety about a relationship/break up, and wasn't sleeping very well.  After four sessions with Carrie, I honestly felt a huge difference.   My confidence came back, I began sleeping throughout the night and I moved on!  She made CD's for me in every session and what I liked most was how comfortable I felt with her from the beginning.

Ann H.
San Marino, CA

My daughter has had a lifelong fear of costumes. After trying several traditional therapies only to be disappointed she asked me to find a hypnotherapist. Carrie was recommended to us and she has been amazing! Carrie has changed my daughter's life. She understood my daughter's needs immediately and was compassionate, thorough and professional. We started workng with Carrie when my daughter was 13 and I felt comfortable leaving her alone for her sessions. In addition to the in person sessions, Carrie provided my daughter with CDs of each session which she listened to on a daily basis. This seemed to really help reinforce the progress she made.
My daughter took her first successful trip to Disneyland last spring thanks to Carrie. I have recommended her to several friends.

Melissa J.
Dallas, TX

I feel incredibly smiled upon to have met Carrie at such a difficult time in my life. She immediately soothed my fear of opening up and helped me get in touch with some of the more painful feelings I had harbored for many years. Carrie is an exceptional listener and creates such a tranquil environment that allows one to reveal their authentic self. Carrie has guided me in finding more peace and self acceptance today than I have ever experienced. I can only hope that others facing challenges in their life find Carrie and be blessed with her therapeutic touch.

L H.
Los Angeles, CA

I have to write a review, in the hopes that others can be helped by Carrie just as much as I have been.  I was incredibly nervous in my first session, and Carrie was just so relaxed, comfortable, kind, and intuitive that it became easy to open up and truly work through all of the crud.  She used and taught me a variety of techniques.  She didn't try to make me dependent on our sessions--she made CD's and made it very clear that I should come when it felt best and right.  She helped me so very much with overcoming a ton.  Her compassion, empathy and humor really make the session such a relaxing and liberating experience.  Once upon a time, I was a bit on the fence about hypnosis--not anymore.  I'm so grateful to Carrie.  She created the safest of environments and truly helped me in ways I didn't even think possible.  I have wholeheartedly recommended her to my nearest, dearest, and anyone who could use a bit of healing.

Wayne S.
Denver, CO

Carrie is in a word - wonderful. She was (and still is) absolutely instrumental in my overcoming alcohol addiction. Her ability to reach those areas within her clients that need to be brought to light and dealt with is without par. I had my doubts about hypnotherapy's effectiveness, but one session with Carrie put those doubts permanently to rest. She is remarkably insightful, intelligent, and caring. Carrie is a true healer as well as a true friend.
I am very fortunate to have crossed paths with Carrie.
Wayne S.

M. J. W.
Key West, FL

Carrie Freeman saved my life.;
I first saw Carrie in California for therapy for multiple conditions: alcohol abuse, abandonment/adoption issues, marital... Carrie had tremendous patience, gentle guidance and such an uncanny insight to set me on the path to recovery, she is simply the best therapist I have ever known.

Therapy continued as neededvia phone when we left CA. and recently we flew Carrie out to us so I could have an "intensive tune-up" and face to face sessions and hypnotherapy for us both.

Carrie put our marriage backof on a path of friendship and serenity, she is a true professional with an intuitive gift.

Kim P.
Hidden Hills, CA

It is hard to put into words how much Carrie has changed my life. Over the years I have tried various types of therapy and the hypnosis therapy that Carrie provides is amazing. I was a bit hesitant to try hypnotherapy because I was not educated on how it works and now I can't imagine not doing it. Carrie is a great listener and really extrapolates the key areas I need to have re-enforced in hypnosis. She provides a post-session CD that I upload to my iPod so I can listen to them in between my in-person sessions. I have been a client for 3 years and I still look forward to each of my bi-weekly sessions. I highly recommend Carrie!!!!!

Laura M.
North Hollywood, CA

Go see Carrie! and then go out and conquer!  Our three sessions were more effective than a year of counseling with someone else.  She helped me achieve stupendous results that I almost didn't think were possible in terms of overcoming performance anxiety (and life anxiety in general).  The sessions were insightful, efficient, and empowering.  She's in your corner but helps you go out and shine on your own.

Gerard S.
North Hollywood, CA

After searching for a hypnotherapist for quite a while, I one day received a referral to Carrie Freeman. She  turned out to be exactly the hypnotherapist I had been looking for. After perusing her web site, I knew she was the one for me. Her list of techniques used, her list of recommended reading, and the fact that she is an ordained minister all resonated with me. I was looking for a spiritually-oriented hypnotherapist who also had lots of "tools" in her toolbox, and I finally found her. I was about to have back surgery, and I noticed that Carrie offered pre-surgery preparation. She took the time to get to know me, my background, and my objectives. I was amazed at how intuitive she is, and her level of caring and concern. She wanted only the best for me: a smooth, uncomplicated surgery, minimal pain, and a fast recovery period. After our initial session together, and thanks to her pre and post-surgery CD's that she custom recorded for me, I am 80% pain free, and it has only been one week after the surgery. I am healing faster than I ever thought possible. I am eager to see my surgeon's reaction when I see him next week for suture removal. I believe he is going to be very surprised at what he sees: 3 perfectly-healed incisions and a patient able to walk upright and confidently with no pain. I am so grateful to Carrie for her help, and I am very excited about working with her in the future on other issues related to business success, evolving my prosperity consciousness, and increasing my self-confidence.  I know I will feel very safe being guided by Carrie. If you are at all serious about personal growth, she is THE person to help you!

The following are unsolicited testimonials from past clients.

“You’ve been wonderful. Thank you for everything”
Marc Jacobs; Designer

"You are so unbelievably talented in what you do. Truly, there are very few people in the world that are as talented in their work, as they are passionate. It's quite something what you did for me. I was in such a low, lost place when I first started coming to see you. Now here I am! I could never thank you enough."
Joanne R; Student/Photographer

“We are home safe and sober. The plane ride was a piece of cake. I can't believe how calm I was - it must be a miracle!”
Maurina (Passages client)

“Just to let you know. I am a non-smoker. Doing great.”
Sonya P., Office Coordinator; Beverly Hills

“This was easy. In the last 4 weeks, I've had exactly 2 cravings that lasted one minute each. It's been almost effortless.” Hypnosis is a little different because no one is telling me what to do except me. Now that my unconscious decisions match my conscious ones, there's no struggle."
Asher H; Marketing Director

“I'm still smoke free! It is day 52. THANK YOU for following up and caring about how I'm doing. Your treatment made all the difference, considering all the other times I tried to quit.” Wendy T; Writer

“I continue to do very well, especially since I just got back from New Orleans where I got flown last minute to do a film – a film in which my character had to smoke! I was very nervous about it but am happy to report that after I finished the smoking scene, I sent back to the hotel, listened to my tape and have had no problems since! Hurray!”
Meredith F; Actress

“After opening night I fought myself through the crowds looking for YOU because you were the one who totally saved my life, honestly. Having not been on stage in over 10 years and opening in "Boomer Babes" to a full house weekend had me so nervous I was popping out of my skin. But my hypnosis session with you and your wonderful tape which I played several times before opening night, made all the difference. I was calm before we opened - a little excited of course - but focused and it I was so proud of myself for doing such a good job. Thank you SO much.”
Marlene R; Actress/writer

“I was so scared to go back on stage after such a long hiatus, and then jumping into an existing show with only two rehearsals – yikes!! Working with you completely turned me around. You gave me tangible images to work with. You reminded me that "I know what I know" and you put me in a place of a solid and peaceful confidence. After our session, I KNEW I would be able, not only to perform in the play, but that I would bring something unique to the performance. You helped me find that open door. Before the session, I knew I HAD to do the job. After the session, I knew I WANTED to do the job. I left the session feeling refreshed, buoyant, and excited about taking on the role. I couldn't wait to get back on stage. A week after the performance, I was told that I "rocked". And now, several months later, I can still connect to that place of confidence. You truly have a gift for this kind of work. Thank you soooo much.”
Deborah S; Playwright/Acress

“The universe smiled upon me the day I met you.
Thanks again for an amazing session. You’re awesome!”
Bert R; Actor

“I can't thank you enough for your help. I am really excited about this.”
Janice D.; Accountant

"The presentation for Virgin Atlantic was spectacular - it went great! I think we landed the account. Again, thank you for everything."   
Aaron H; Marketing Executive

“By the way, my psychiatrist is really enthusiastic about the work we are doing. She wants me to keep it up – she says it really supports and enhances the therapy and the mental corrections/adjustments I need to make. You have found a great calling. Thanks for enhancing my life”
Karroll K., VP Operations; NYC

“I am very excited! Still no Xanax!! I still have some anxiety, but haven't had to resort to the pills!! I am very encouraged. Because I haven't actually had to take a pill, I feel like I am on top!! I am looking forward to much more improvement in the future...”
Melinda N; Landscaping/Contracting

“Dear Carrie -- The dental surgeries went really well. Thanks so much for helping me get through a really scary experience.”
Loretta N., NYC School Administrator

“I had such a wonderful time during our session, I just had to share your talents with my friends. I know they will love the experience. It really opened me up. I gained a new level of clarity and am anxious to delve into this realm again sometime after next week. Thanks again for all your help!”
Mary S; Metaphysical Reader

“Thanks a million! Georgia and I are very grateful for the wonderful ‘breakthrough’ you facilitated. Since working with you, our businesses have grown more and more successful, and our life has improved immeasurably.”
Dr. Max Cotter; Mayo Hearing Clinic/Burbank

“I just wanted to wish you a Happy Holidays and a Happy New Years. You have helped me so much since we first met- I owe you the world, literally, my world at least. I look forward to continued improvements and advancements. You are a special person. All the best.”
Dave S./Interactive Business

“Just want you to know how much I appreciate you and the special care you give me.” Marlene C.; Mortgage Broker

“I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your positive approach to things – you are really helping me; it was especially helpful that you ‘brought me back’ after my visit with Dolores...thanks for all you do. "
Sarah M; Real Estate Administrator

“Thank you for your role in the wonderful changes I’ve been experiencing this last year. Amazing!!”
Morgan B.

“You were a delight to work with as well and I felt a strong connection to you. It's wonderful to find other kindred spirits out in the world. The world is lucky to have you spreading your light.” Blessings, Barry F

"Thank you so much for our first session....there was indeed a "breakthrough"!
Debra F; Mortgage Lender

“You are a Buddha! I am a reborn person today thanks to your guidance. Thank you so much! God bless”
Darren M./Producer


“Thank you again for caring about me – it is hard to put into words. I smile each time I think of you and you give me strength. As I said before – you are a beautiful person. Thank you.”
John R; Land developer

“I thought I would drop you a line and let you know how much I have thought of you since leaving Passages, and to let you know how well I have been dong these past 6 weeks or so. Please know how much you helped me when I was under your care at Passages. If it hadn’t been for your understanding of those incredibly difficult moments and my fragility during my first week there, I would not have made it and stayed sober. You allowed me to collapse and held me throughout. I wouldn’t be where I am today, without you.”
Nancy P; Actress

“I really want to say thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. You've truly shown deep and sincere concern towards me and I truly appreciate everything that you've done for me. I am utilizing the tools that you given me and hope to build a special bond with Anne as I did with you. Thank you again!!”
Lorraine; Real estate developer

“It was wonderful working with you and you made my stay at Passages much more meaningful.”

“I was walking through the bookstore and for some reason, this book reminded me of you and our sessions. You have played a big part in my healing (@ Passages) and I wanted to just say thank you.” (book: Love Thyself) Respectfully, Eugene

“Carrie, Carrie, Carrie….I love you so very much. You are such a beautiful blessing from God. You have been such an important person in saving my life from this deadly active addiction of crack cocaine. You have taught me so many beautiful things by sharing your wisdom and knowledge. I treasure the sound of your voice. Every time I play the tape you made for me, I am reminded of your beautiful voice. Thank you Carrie. I love you dearly.”

Email: Appointments / Messages: 818.753.3356